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Samridh Bharat Cooperative Society – Providing Highest Rate of Interest on Fixed Deposits in Delhi

Savings play a vital role in financial stability and achieving long-term goals. In India, fixed deposits, or FDs, are a popular savings option that offers security and predictable returns. The average interest rates on FDs in India vary depending on the bank and tenure but typically range from 4-6 %. This range can go up to 7% for senior citizens. Though bank FDs provide a reliable way to grow savings with minimal risk, they aren’t as attractive for an intelligent investor. Locking your cash in the bank for a long period and earning interest that rarely adjusts for inflation may not be ideal. So what can you do? Is there a type of fixed deposit where you get the assurance of a risk-averse investment and can significantly grow your money with inflation-adjusted? The answer is yes. At Samridh Bharat, we provide you with the highest Fixed Deposit Rate of Interest.

Best Fixed Deposit Rate of Interest

We offer a range of Fixed Deposit schemes with flexible starting amounts, beginning as low as INR 5000. Depending upon the tenure of your deposit, you can earn attractive interest rates ranging from a minimum of 10.5% to as high as 12.25% per annum.

You can select a plan that meets your financial objectives and enjoy substantial returns on your investments. Starting with a minimum of INR 5000, you can invest any amount in multiples of INR 500. This helps you take control of your investment and expect a higher-than-bank rate of interest on fixed deposits. This further assists you in meeting your specific financial goals and aspirations.

Benefits of Our FD Scheme

Here is the breakup of your tenure and the annual interest rate:

Period of Investment Interest Earned Annually
12 months 10.5 %
24 months 11.25 %
36 months & above 12.25%

Eligibility to Open Your Fixed Deposit with Highest Rate of Interest

To open your fixed deposit at Samridh Bharat, you have to be a member of the society. We offer membership facility for both adults and minors. However, for a minor’s account, the guardian must have an account in the society. You also receive various utility gifts on your onboarding as a member. Below are the membership requirements:

Documents Required to Become a Member:
  • Government-issued ID Proof (like Aadhar Card, Voter ID card, etc.)
  • PAN Card
  • Address Proof (Electricity or Water Bill)
  • Rent Agreement (in case of a tenant) Along with the Latest Electricity/Water Bill of the Landlord
  • 2 Latest Passport Sized Photos
  • Affidavit Declaring that You are Not a Member of Any Other Thrift & Credit Cooperative Society of Delhi
Membership Fee for Adults – INR 1600/-
  • Share money – INR 400
  • Compulsory Deposit (CD) – INR 200
  • Admission Fee – INR 300 (non-refundable)
  • Kalyan Fund – INR 250 (non-refundable)
  • Building Fund – INR 250 (non-refundable)
  • Onboarding – INR 200 (non-refundable)
Membership Fee for Minors – INR 1100/-
  • Share money – INR 400
  • Compulsory Deposit (CD) – INR 200
  • Admission Fee – INR 300 (non-refundable)
  • Onboarding – INR 200 (non-refundable)

You can visit our corporate office or any of our branches to submit your documents and become a member. Once your membership is confirmed, you fill out your fixed deposit form and submit it along with the initial deposit amount.

Features of Our Fixed Deposit Scheme

We not only offer the highest fixed deposit rate of interest, but you also enjoy many other benefits, which are as follows:

  • Nomination facility
  • Loan facility* of up to 90% of your FD amount
  • No TDS on the interest earned on your FD
  • Premature withdrawal with applicable interest rates

Highest Interest Rates on Fixed Deposit

Promoting Saving Habit While Giving Attractive Fixed Deposit Rate of Interest

With our FD schemes, you not only save money but also take your first step towards investing and growing your money. With our highest fixed deposit interest rate, we make sure you get the best of your money and prosper.

Growing inflation rates can eat up your traditional investment returns. The same goes for traditional bank FDs, which rarely make you any real profit when you try to adjust for inflation. On the other hand, our fixed deposit schemes help you earn significantly higher than the standard bank FDs. Moreover, when you meet the eligibility criteria, you can also get a loan against your FD for your immediate and long-term financial needs.

At Samridh Bharat, we are committed to working towards the economic upliftment of Delhi residents by offering attractive deposit schemes. With our FD schemes, we also aim to promote savings habits for common men and women of Delhi while giving them a viable investment option.

You can also benefit from our fixed deposit with the highest rate of interest. To learn more about becoming a member or starting an FD, call or WhatsApp us at 9667837771 or 9667847771. *T&C applied.

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